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Covid 19 Update

Dear friends and colleagues,

Do please check here for many relevant updates. During this unprecedented period, our website and social media remain the key means for us to continue communicating and raise awareness.

A small group of PCoS supporters of various backgrounds have been discussing the impact of the very sad racist events in America. We are under no illusion that prejudice in many forms is also an ugly reality and experience for some Portsmouth citizens, and we wish to add our voice of support to all of them, especially the most vulnerable.

We strive to be members of one body in this city. If one part hurts we all do, and we will endeavour as a movement to be part of a long-term healing process. Together we cannot in any sense sweep injustice and fear under the carpet, knowing it is right to speak out when something is clearly wrong. Much of our society’s racism and wider prejudice is subtle, but no less real for this, often surviving because of passive tolerance. If Portsmouth can build on a non-judgemental unity and consensus, then tragedy can become a wonderful opportunity to reflect on and remove any scales we may have in front of our eyes. Silence is not an option, and any injustice, inequality, labelling and unfairness in our own population needs to be addressed.

The temptation to break social distancing rules and protest is understandable, but it is those most at risk who will suffer if COVID cases increase locally. PCoS believes we will enduringly nail some of these issues with a united front, remaining neutral in the face of any partial pressure. We will not merely be non-racist, we will be strongly anti-racist and an advocate for the love and dignity of all humanity.

Whether you have a faith or not, we recommend that you pray, meditate, or deeply reflect on what you can do to continue helping this city and its people. PCoS are definitely looking for compassionate volunteers, so do please get in touch.

Let’s continue to stay connected and take care of one another as compassionately as possible.

Kind regards

Malcolm Little

Chair: Portsmouth City of Sanctuary