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The UK will send people seeking sanctuary to Rwanda: our statement

On the 14th April 2022 the government announced a new migration plan . It could see some people who came to the UK without a visa or other permission to enter the country sent to Rwanda to have their asylum claim processed and decided there.

The UK government are saying that people will not be able to return to the UK, even if their asylum claim is successful.

That’s Afghan interpreters who worked for the British army who didn’t make it onto an evacuation flight, desperate Ukrainians unable to wait weeks for a visa, fathers and sons trying to reunite with family, and so so many others fleeing persecution – all shipped away, with no way back.

We know that sending people to offshore processing camps not only leads to catastrophic human harm, but astronomically costly. The Australian offshore system has been condemned by the UN Commission for Human Rights. It has led to widespread suicide, self-harm, sexual violence and neglect – it has also cost 12 billion Australian dollars, that’s about 4 million dollars per person…

The UK’s offshore processing scheme is estimated to cost £1.44 billion per year.